Pretty Pretty Paintings (and prints)!

I have been on a mission to buy new art for my home, so I have been obsessively researching art online and in-person in order to find some pieces that speak to me. In doing my research, I was overwhelmed by all of the great work out there. Now my problem is narrowing down my choices! Since I am someone who likes “more” in life, I will be showcasing several of these beauties; I went from looking for one piece to owning several. The colors are so bright and happy. I would say that the artwork here will definitely provide fantastic inspiration for event palettes for clients who love color as much as I do!

images clockwise from top left
Purple Diamonds are Forever by Twoems
In the Pink by Amadea Bailey
Aurora by Aeropagita Prints
Pink Sky with House by Flora Bowley 
Falling Color by Sally King Benedict
Playground by Jessica Simanowski
Dancing in the Waters of Life by Yolanda Sanchez
Hadrian Print by Michelle Armas
Far side by Yangyang Pan
10:04 by Gus Harper

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