Wedding Food!

Food tastings are definitely a fun part of my job; I am able to try delicious bites from various venues and caterers while the couple makes decisions about what they want to serve their guests at their wedding. It’s always an exciting moment for the couple and most people have very strong opinions about food so there is often a lively debate about what will be served.

When people used to think about wedding food, images of rubbery chicken would come to mind. Now kitchens are creating amazing meals that use organic and locally sourced ingredients put together in creative ways and wedding food is often something to look forward to!

In planning, I have come across this question several times, so I thought I would address it here – just know that you may not get to try everything on the menu. Couples are often asked to select a few items from each category for their tasting so that they will be able to narrow down those items to what they actually want to serve. I am almost always asked what will happen if someone doesn’t like the food they are trying or why they can’t try more. In order to be cost effective, venues and caterers offer to cook a few items, not the entire menu, so you should really select the items you think you are most interested in. It’s also important to pick different types of selections, especially for your hors d’oeuvres – think about what your guests will like – a good variety of cold and hot, comfort food and something for vegetarians/vegans. Try not to skew things all in one direction. And if you try everything and you don’t like what you have chosen, ask to try something else or see if you can schedule another tasting. People want you to be happy, so most times, you can get to taste more if you are not satisfied so you shouldn’t go in worrying!

Since food is often such a large part of a wedding budget, having awesome wedding food is a priority for most people these days and there are some amazing places out there, so do your research and make sure you get something you are proud to have served at your event and that will have your guests raving!

Happy Tasting!

images via SWOON by Katie

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